Confidence In Every Flow

Discover unmatched comfort and secure protection with Breezy Body period underwear, keeping you worry-free all day.

100% Cotton Gusset

Buttery-soft Fabric

Leak-proof Protection

No PFAS or Toxic Chemicals

30 Days Risk Free Purchase*

Seamless Design

Best Period Panties in the market!

After experimenting with numerous period panties, I can confidently say that the Breezy Body Period Panties stand out as the absolute BEST! Their seamless design ensures discreetness under any clothing, and their high-waisted fit enhances comfort to a whole new level. Could not recommend these panties enough!!

Amy Bunder, Australia 🇦🇺

Fit like a dream 😍

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a more comfortable, form fitting pair of period panties in my life! Not at all baggy, saggy and uncomfortable like most currently on the market. Absolutely reccomend investing in a few pairs and bringing back some comfort during the most uncomfortable & painful phase of our cycles! 💕

Elizabeth, Australia 🇦🇺

Best fabric I have seen so far!

I love the texture of this fabric so much! I can't wait to see what other styles of underwear they will offer down the road.

Sarah, United States 🇺🇸

One wear & already love!

I just received my period panties and I love them! I have been a bit cynical about buying seamless period-wear as they often aren't quite - but these are true to their word! Still feels nice and full coverage without being bulky.

Ellen Paterson, Australia 🇦🇺

We Look Breezy On You!


Your most common questions answered

Breezy Body's Seamless Period Panties are innovative underwear designed to provide maximum comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle. They are made from high-absorbency, leak-proof materials that prevent leaks and keep you feeling dry and confident all day long. The seamless design ensures a smooth, invisible fit under your clothes, making them perfect for any outfit.

The number of pairs you need depends on your flow and personal preference. For an average flow, we recommend having at least 3-5 pairs to cover your entire cycle. You can wear one pair during the day and switch to a fresh pair at night for optimal comfort and protection.

Yes, Breezy Body's Seamless Period Panties are designed to handle both light and heavy flow days. Our high-absorbency technology can hold up to 3-4 tampons' worth of fluid, providing you with reliable protection even on your heaviest days.

Caring for your Breezy Body's Seamless Period Panties is simple. Rinse them in cold water immediately after use to remove any blood. Then, wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can reduce the effectiveness of the absorbent layers. Finally, hang them to dry or tumble dry on low heat. We also provide Breezy Body's Wash Bags for your to store the used panties.

Our Seamless Period Panties come in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL, to ensure a perfect fit for every body type. To find your size, refer to our detailed size chart available on the product page. If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the best comfort and fit. We also provide 30-day Risk Free Trial for our first time customers, if the size doesn't fit we will provide you with a replacement with no question asked!